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Masters Lodge - Ebony
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MRAD 3853_MASTER LODGE - Masters Lodge - Ebony

Cabin 9 Design offers cabin rugs and cabin area rugs in an outstanding selection of designs and sizes. Whether you want a small log cabin rug for your study or a large cabin rug for your great room, Cabin 9 Design can help. Cabin 9 Design lodge rugs and cabin rugs are available in every imaginable size, and are guaranteed to add a little flair to your floor. Plus, when you shop at Cabin 9 Design, you can be confident your lodge rug and cabin rug is of the highest quality and is sold at the best possible price. For help on choosing the right type of log cabin rug for your home, contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives today at 612 968 2725.   The warmth of this rug is exceptional.  It matches the perfect style of your rustic decor with the outwoods bear decor. 

Five Sizes: 

  • Scatter 26" x 39"
  • Runner 2'3" x 7'7"
  • Area 3'11" x5'3"
  • Room 5'3" x 7'3"
  • Oversized 7'10" x 9'10"
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