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Europa Conifer 8
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EU 4218 - Europa Conifer 8" Bowl

Pine needles scent the air and soften your footsteps.   On one side of the path is a deep blue lake and on the other side are tall pine trees and fallen pinecones. It is peaceful, the air is sweet and clean and the only sounds are the song of the wind in the trees and the gentle lap of waves along the shore.  But you don't need a cabin to experience the cozy retreat.  The beautiful colors and textures of nature in the artisan Conifer Vase brings your favorite woodlands to your home. 

The beautiful artist-designed glassware collection of bowls vases and platters bring the beauty of nature and art into your home.   Each piece is individually hand made by a master crafts person.  Glass is kiln-heated, pigments are fused with the molten glass and the glowing hot glass is mouth blown into a mold.  After the glass cools, it is sand etched to reveal a unique decorative image.  No two pieces are exactly alike.   You will not be disappointed!

Dimensions: 8" diameter



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